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What is a receipt

The receipt is a written confirmation that money has been paid. We use a receipt to record the purchase of products or services. The vendors and service providers issue the receipt to the customers at checkout in exchanges.

Essential information on a receipt

A receipt should contain relevant detailed information of the sales transaction such as a list of purchased goods or services, the total amount including taxes, discount, sum of money paid and payment method e.g., credit card or check.

A receipt may also include warranty message, coupons code or special offers for the next time purchase. For sales and service receipts, the information on vendor or company who are selling products and providing services is listed such as company logo, business address details, and contact phone.

In addition, A receipt may also contain the complete information of customer including name, address, and phone.

Each receipt has a unique number for management and bookkeeping purpose.

In the US and also in many countries, a receipt is a legal document that vendors, retailers or individuals must provide consumers at checkout or completion of service.

Benefits of keeping your receipts

There are many benefits that we should keep our receipts in a safe place.

First, the receipts help us keep track of expenses and can be used as the supporting documents in the audit process.

Second, the receipts help us to determine if we could claim tax deductions. They are also very useful in the case that IRS has questions about goods or services on our returns.

We will have to pay more tax or subject to penalties if we cannot provide correct receipts.