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Cash Receipt Template

cash-receipt-templateIf you are looking for cash receipt template to make your own cash receipts for your business, please make sure to check out our cash receipt templates. In this section, you can find many cash receipt templates that are very simple to use and easy to customize. All cash receipt templates are in Microsoft Word or Excel document format so they are fully editable and customizable. You can add your business information and even your own business logo to the cash receipt template to make it adapt with your business’s identity.

A cash receipt is a document that is usually issued when the sale transaction is completed. A cash receipt is a proof of a sale transaction which customers can use it for warranty or returning merchandise or rebate purposes.

A cash receipt contains information about sale transaction. It includes essential information of a receipt such as the date of the transaction, a list of purchased items with prices, subtotal, applicable tax and grand total.  Some cash receipts also provide the detailed description of each item purchased with unit prices and extended prices.

In the retail business, retailers typically issue cash receipts from a cash register. Retailer adds up selling items, calculates sale taxes and records the cash received from the customers. Most cash registers generate two records of the cash receipt so both retailer and customers have a hard-copy.

The evolution of e-commerce has led to the invention of electronic cash receipts as well. Many online stores offer their customers the option of download or printing a cash receipt after customers pay for the products or services. In addition, the online store also sends a soft-copy of cash receipt to the email of their customer when transaction finished.

Using cash receipt template

Please follow the step below to use our cash receipt:

  1. Download cash receipt template you need
  2. Extract the file to access template file
  3. Create new cash receipt from the template file

Download cash receipt template

Start browsing the cash receipt template below and choose the one that suits your business needs the most. Please feel free to customize it if you want.