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Charitable Donation Receipt Template

charitable-donation-receiptIf you are looking for a charitable donation receipt template, please be sure to check out these free charitable donation receipt templates. In this section, you find information about charitable donation receipt and download professional templates to make your own charitable  donation receipt templates.

About charitable donation receipt template

It is very important to give your donors documentation about their donations to your organization. Regardless of charity organization type, you are in charge of managing, making donation receipts are something that you have to deal with on a regular basis.  The charitable donation receipt gives both you and the donor records of donation transactions. When you email to say “thank you” to the donors, send the charitable donation receipts along with, to provide them the records of their generosity, which they can use later at tax time for a tax deduction. There are specific laws for tax-deductible charitable donation regarding the donation receipt; check it out written record of charitable contribution at IRS publication 1771 for more information.

Essential information included in a charitable donation receipt template

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the following information must be included in charitable donation receipt:

  • First and the most important information is the name of the donor. You can also include their business address.
  • Second information is the description of the items donated or amount if it is money.
  • Third information is a statement declaring whether any donated services or goods were provided in return for the gift.
  • Finally, a good faith estimate (GFE) of goods or services must be included in charitable donation receipt.

Using charitable donation receipt template

The donation receipt templates use Excel spreadsheet format so they are simple to use. You can change the heading, title and the thank you message. You can also add more lines into the receipt.

To create a new receipt, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and extract the ZIP file to access the template file
  2. Create new receipt from the template file, fill out your organization’s information
  3. Save the receipt as your template to reuse it so you don’t have to fill out your organization’s information again each time creating new receipt
  4. Add required information on the receipt

Download charitable donation receipt templates

We prepare a list of charitable donation templates in Excel spreadsheet format that you can use to acknowledge the donations from donors. Browse the templates below to find the best one that suits your needs and feel free to customize it if you want.