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Delivery Receipt Template

Delivery Receipt TemplateIf you a looking for delivery receipt template to make professional delivery receipts for your business, you are at the right place. In this section, you can find several high-quality delivery receipt forms that allow you to customize to match with your business identity. These delivery receipts are in Microsoft Word document template format so they are very simple to use.

With our delivery receipt templates, you can:

  • Add receipt no, purchase order number and customer number if applicable.
  • Add your own business information such as company name, slogan, address and even logo
  • Add your customer signature  and other details
  • Add a list of products that has a description, quantity ordered, quantity received and date received.
  • Add the customer’s signature to acknowledge that he or she receives the items in good condition.
  • Add you thank message for appreciating your customers to do the business with you.

To create a delivery receipt, you need to download the ZIP file, extract it and create a new document from the template file.

To save time, you can add your business information and save the template as your company’s template.

To make the delivery receipt match with your business identity, ask marketing department about your company’s standard color palette; and reformat the template based on these colors.