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Deposit Receipt Template

In this section, you can find a collection of the high quality deposit receipt template that allows you to create professional deposit receipts for your business. All the templates are in Microsoft Word document templates that are easy to use and customize. In additional, all of them are fully editable so you can modify them to suit your needs.

A deposit receipt is a document that sellers give buyers to acknowledge the receipt of funds. A deposit receipt is often issued by sellers when buyers pay earnest money. Deposit receipts also issued by landlords to tenants to acknowledge payment of rental or security deposits. Deposits are also issued by sellers in purchasing of the car, vehicle and other items sold in private sales.

Regardless of deposit receipts issued by seller or landlord, it must contain the following information:

  • Buyer’s name and contact information
  • Seller’s name and contact information
  • Amount of money received
  • The date when money received
  • More importantly, the signature of seller.

A deposit receipt is important because it acknowledges that earnest money has been exchanged hands between buyer and seller. The deposit receipt, therefore, protects buyers and is a proof by the seller or landlord that an agreement exists.

Download deposit receipt template

Start browsing the deposit receipt templates below and find one that suits your needs. Feel free to customize it if you want.