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Packing Slip Template

Packing Slip TemplateIf you are looking for packing slip template to create your own professional packing slips, you’re absolutely at the right place. In this section, you can find a lot of packing slip templates that will help you to create packing slips easily and fast.

Packing slip is also known as bills of parcel or delivery lists. It is placed inside a pouch and delivered with goods to the customer.  Packing slip is used to help customer, who receives goods, verify all ordered items were arrived correctly in the shipment. In many businesses, the packing slip is used by accounts payable department for invoice verification process before payment is remitted to the vendors or sellers.

Using packing slip template

Our packing slips are in Excel and Word document so they are pretty simple to use and customize.  You can insert your business details including logo, company name and address.  The customer details are also available for filling out. You can add a list of itemized ordered products with item #, description and quantity.

To use the packing slip template, please follow the step below:

  1. Browse the template and download the one that meets your requirements
  2. The download file is in ZIP format so you have to extract it first before accessing the template file.
  3. Create your own new packing slip template by fill out your business information and adjust color, fonts that match your business identity. After this step, you have a ready to use packing slip template for your business.
  4. Create a new packing slip from your template by filling out customer’s details and other information.

Download packing slip template

Feel free to browse and download the packing slip below and start creating packing slip for your business.