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Rent Receipt Template

Rent Receipt TemplateAre you a landlord, property owner or rental manager looking for free rent receipt template to create your own professional rent receipts?  In this section, you can find information on rent receipts and download high quality rent receipt templates.

To create a rent receipt, you don’t have to start from scratch. You just make use of our rent receipt templates in popular document format such as Microsoft Word or Excel to make rent receipts easily and quickly.

About rent receipt template

A rent receipt is used to record house rent payment provided by landlords to tenants. Whenever the landlord receives cash payment from the tenant, he probably will be asked for a rent receipt to record the transaction. Landlord also uses rental receipts for correct bookkeeping. It helps landlord track what payment was made by tenant.

For tenants, rent receipts are kept for many purposes:

  • A proof of payment that has been made especially when tenant pay the rent payment in cash or money order.
  • A proof for tax deduction in tax season
  • For financial aid when tenant applies for benefit programs such as cash aid, housing assistance… a copy of the rental receipt is required along with application

Essential information on rent receipt

It states clearly in the Landlord Tenant Acts that a written rent receipt must be provided free of charge by the property owner if the tenant asks for. The following information must be included on the rent receipt:

  • Rental unit address in details
  • Tenant name whom the receipt issued to
  • Billing period is the period of rent which tenant was charged
  • Amount and date of payment that landlord receives for any rent.
  • Landlord name
  • Signature of landlord or landlord’s agent.

Our rent receipt templates were designed to include all essential information above. Therefore, you can start using them right away without worrying about the details.

Using rent receipt template

Please follow the steps below to save time using rent receipt template:

  1. The download file is in Zip format so you need to extract it first before accessing rent receipt template
  2. Create a new document from the template file, just double click on the template file or right mouse click and choose “New” menu item.
  3. Fill out the rental information
  4. You can print it out or create a PDF version and send it to the tenants

Download rent receipt template

We prepare a collection of well-designed rental receipt templates in Word and Excel format so you can just have to download and use them right now. Browse the rent receipt template below and download the one that meet your specific needs.