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Sales Receipt Template

Sales Receipt TemplateIf you are a small business owner looking for sales receipt template to create your own well-designed sale receipts that make your business look more professional, you have come at the right place. In this section, we provide you with a collection of high-quality sales receipt templates that are easy to use and customize.

If you sell goods or services to the customer, you most likely provide them with a sales receipt. Business people use sales receipts for various purposes such as tax preparation, bookkeeping, and even employer reimbursement. The sales receipt is also a legal document proof of what your customer bought and how much they paid.  Sales receipts should be issued when customers pay for the goods or services.  If you are using invoices to bill your customers, you just need an additional stamp or a large PAID text on the copy of the invoice instead of using a separate sales receipt.

Essential information on sales receipts template

Sale receipts should contain at least the following information:

  • Sale receipt number for keeping your receipt organize
  • Your company details including logo, company name, slogan, and business address
  • Customer details such as customer name, address,  and customer ID
  • Financial details should contain a list of itemized of the products or services that customers purchased. Each item includes item #, description, price, tax, discount, and subtotal. The total, sales tax and grand total are calculated based on the list.
  • Payment method indicates what type of payment is. It could be cash, check or money order.

Our sales receipt templates are designed to include essential information so you just download and use them right away.

Using sales receipt template

Our sale receipt templates are in Excel spreadsheet and Word format so they are very simple to use.  The download file is in ZIP format so you need to extract it before accessing the template file. From the template file, you can fill out your business details and save it as your new template and use it whenever you want to create a new sales receipt.

Using our sales receipt template is an excellent start for your business if you do not have enough budgets to spend on expensive and complicated receipts maker or billing software. It helps you to avoid the incurring costs by utilizing simple yet powerful receipt templates.

Download sales receipt templates

Start browsing the sales receipt templates below and download the one that meets your business requirements. You will need to have Microsoft Word or Excel to fill out the information and print or send the receipt to your customers.