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Charitable Donation Receipt Template #1

charitable-donation-receipt-template-1We provide you with a professional charitable donation receipt template that you can use to make your own charitable donation receipts that will appreciate your donors for their generosity.

What is a charitable donation receipt

A charitable donation receipt is a document that provides information and details of the donors who have donated to a charity organization. It is mainly kept in place for taxation purposes.

Charitable donation receipt template details

The details provided in a charitable donation receipt must be relevant with the details required by the tax department in the local state. The donation receipt documents donor details as well as acknowledging their gifts. The donation receipt must contain the following features to be complete and valid:

  • The name of the charity as recorded with the Minister or Commission
  • The address of the charity, its registration number, and its federal tax identification number
  • Date that the donation was received
  • The name and address of the donor who has donated to the charity and the type of donation made. For example, the donation could be in the form of cash, services or goods.  A short description of each donation should be stated clearly.
  • Also, in the charitable donation receipt, there should be the market value of the donation and also details concerning the offering of the donation, for example if any goods or services were offered in exchange for the donation.
  • Lastly, the donation receipt should contain the name and signature of the staff chosen by the charity to receive and acknowledge donations.

Importance of charitable donation receipt

Charitable donation receipts help in acknowledging the authenticity of the charity organization as well as helping the charity keep track of the donations received and the tax returns that accrues as a cause of the donations. These donation receipts assist the management of a charity organization’s funds and help the organization to know the exact figures taxable as well as promoting transparency in the organization as documented receipts can be cross-checked for future references in decision-making in the organization. These receipts also in some cases provide information needed by charity organizations at times when the organization needs to thank the donors in a special way.